Zelens is a British science-led cosmetic brand with a focus on age-defying skincare. Over a decade ago, Dr. Marko Lens, renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon founded Zelens. Every product is formulated to perfection using high-performing active ingredients and botanicals.

All Zelens products are suitable for vegans, with no exceptions.

100% of Zelens products are suitable for vegans


The Vegan Society or The Vegetarian Society have not yet certified any of the Zelens products.

Zelens Products

ProductsVegan Status
3T ComplexVegan
Emulsion DVegan
Glacier FoamVegan
Hyaluron IntenseVegan
Instant RechargeVegan
Lip EnhancerVegan
Lip Treatment OilVegan
Melatonin B12Vegan
Microbiota P3Vegan
Peptide ComplexVegan
Power AVegan
Power BVegan
Power CVegan
Power DVegan
Power EVegan
Provitamin D3Vegan
Shiso BalmVegan
Tea ShotVegan
Triple Action Eye CreamVegan
Youth IntelligenceVegan

Key points

  • 100% of Zelens products are suitable for vegans.

VEGANness – veganism by choice not by chance.