The Inkey List is a British multifunctional cosmetic brand with a focus on skin and hair care products. The Inkey List is one of a few brands which offers targeted mono ingredient skincare products. The products usually have one ‘star’ ingredient, which targets a specific skin concern. And to achieve the best results the products should be mixed and layered according to skin needs.

The majority of The Inkey List products are suitable for vegans, but there are a few exceptions. Some products do contain animal-derived ingredients such as niacinamide, beeswax, and others. Currently, 93% of The Inkey List products are suitable for vegans.

93% of The Inkey List products are suitable for vegans

The Vegan Society or The Vegetarian Society have not yet certified The Inkey List products. Although The Inkey List is aiming to become The Vegan Society approved by the end of 2021.

The Inkey List is currently seeking the Leaping Bunny certification by Cruelty-Free International. While the Leaping Bunny Program is not directly linked with veganism, having this certification confirms brand’s position on animal testing and animal welfare.

The Inkey List Products

ProductsVegan Status
Alpha ArbutinVegan
Alpha Hydroxy AcidVegan
Amino Acid Anti-Gray Scalp TreatmentVegan
Apple Cider Vinegar Acid PeelVegan
Bakuchiol MoisturizerVegan
Beta Hydroxy AcidVegan
Brighten-I Eye CreamVegan
C-50 Blemish Night TreatmentVegan
Caffeine Eye CreamNon-Vegan
Caffeine Stimulating Scalp TreatmentVegan
Ceramide Night TreatmentVegan
Chia Seed Curl Defining Hair TreatmentVegan
Collagen BoosterVegan
Fulvic Acid Brightening CleanserVegan
Glycolic Acid TonerVegan
Hemp Oil MoisturizerVegan
Hyluronic Acid Hydrating Hair TreatmentVegan
Hyaluronic AcidVegan
Kaolin Clay MaskVegan
Lactic AcidVegan
Oat Cleansing BalmVegan
Oil & Water Double CleanserVegan
PCA Bond Repair Hair TreatmentVegan
Peptide MoisturizerVegan
Peptide Volumizing Hair TreatmentVegan
PHA TonerVegan
Polyglutamic AcidVegan
Retinol Eye CreamVegan
Rosehip OilVegan
Salicylic Acid CleanserVegan
Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Scalp TreatmentVegan
Shea Oil Nourishing Hair TreatmentVegan
Snow Mushroom MoisturizerVegan
SPF 30 Daily SunscreenVegan
Succinic Acid Acne TreatmentVegan
Symbright MoisturizerVegan
Tranexamic Acid Night TreatmentVegan
Turmeric MoisturizerVegan
Vitamin B, C and E MoisturizerVegan
Vitamin C 30%Vegan
Vitamin C Brightening Hair TreatmentVegan
15% Vitamin C + EGF SerumVegan

To learn why certain products are not suitable for vegans, check each product individually.

Key points

  • 93% of The Inkey List products are suitable for vegans.

VEGANness – veganism by choice not by chance.