Hylamide is one of the first Deciem brands, lunched in 2015. Hylamide offers a range of targeted products to address major skin concerns like redness, dehydration, and aging. The formulas are backed by science and viewed as a more advanced version of Deciem’s best-selling brand, The Ordinary.

All Hylamide products are suitable for vegans, with no exceptions.

100% of Hylamide products are suitable for vegans


The Vegan Society or The Vegetarian Society have not yet certified Hylamide products.

Hylamide is not holding any cruelty-free certifications by the established and widely recognised animal rights organisations like The Leaping Bunny and PETA. While these cruelty-free certifications are not directly linked with veganism, having a cruelty-free certification confirms the brand’s position on animal testing and animal welfare.

Hylamide Products

ProductsVegan Status
Booster, C25Vegan
Booster, GlowVegan
Booster, Low-Molecular HAVegan
Booster, Pore FlushVegan
Booster, Sensitive FixVegan
HA BlurVegan
High Efficiency Face CleanerVegan
Matte 12Vegan
Photography FoundationVegan
Pore ControlVegan
SubQ EyesVegan
SubQ MistVegan
SubQ SkinVegan

Key points

  • 100% of Hylamide products are suitable for vegans.

VEGANness – veganism by choice not by chance.