Clinical testing and in-depth research are at the heart of what Ceramedx does. Ceramedx products target extreme skin dryness and are perfect for dehydrated, irritated, and sensitive skin.

All Ceramedx products are suitable for vegans, with no exceptions.

100% of Ceramedx products are suitable for vegans

The Vegan Society or The Vegetarian Society have not yet certified Ceramedx products.

Ceramedx is not holding any cruelty-free certifications by the established and widely recognised animal rights organisations such as The Leaping Bunny and PETA. While cruelty-free certifications are not directly linked with veganism, having a cruelty-free certification formally confirms the brand’s position on animal testing and animal welfare.

Ceramedx Products

ProductsVegan Status
Extra Gentle Body CleanserVegan
Gentle Foaming Facial CleanserVegan
Restoring Body LotionVegan
Soothing Facial LotionVegan
Ultra Moisturizing CreamVegan

Key points

  • 100% of Ceramedx products are suitable for vegans.

VEGANness – veganism by choice not by chance.